Ferdinand Agu, MFR


Mr. Ferdinand Agu, holder of Nigeria's national honour, MFR; an Architect, who played a key role in the design and construction of 2 foremost residential estates in Nigeria, situated in Abuja and Lagos, respectively, is at the heart of policy development in the company. Ferdinand served as the Director General of Nigeria’s National Maritime Authority between November, 2000 and March, 2005.

As the Chief Executive of the main maritime regulatory agency in Nigeria, Ferdinand drove the development of profound positive changes in the maritime sector, with specific reference to the introduction of the cabotage policy and enactment of the Cabotage Act, 2004. Working with other agencies, he was a key member of the team that guided the introduction of the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code in Nigeria, on 1st July, 2004. With the ever present instinct of an architect, he conceived and started the construction of a complex of buildings that now serves as the foremost training institution for maritime personnel in Africa. Ferdinand was Special Adviser to the President 2011 - 2015. Architect Agu is well versed in project management, team building and strategic planning. His deep knowledge of various subjects ranging from architecture, management, public administration, philosophy, and to enterprise is breath-taking.

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