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Electric Vehicle Charging(EVC) Station

Electric Vehicle Charging(EVC) Station


Nigeria’s Gracefield Island: Lowering Carbon Emissions for a Greener Africa

Low emission mobility initiatives:
We are the first new city development in Nigeria to have integrated public charging points for electric vehicles. This is to encourage a wide use of electric and hybrid vehicles on Gracefield Island and throughout the wider city of Lagos. At significant investment cost, we are constructing over 5 km of dedicated cycle lane to encourage the use of bicycles instead of cars on the island and its environs. Our pedestrian pavements are designed specifically to encourage and support walking as a standard means of movement. Nigeria, being a tropical country, has temperatures that average at 30ºC for most of the year. In order to discourage residents and visitors from using their cars and to encourage them to walk, cycle, and be protected from the heat, we are planting well over 1000 trees over a 4 km2 radius.‘The world is a global village’ might have sounded like a cliché three decades ago, but the effect that climate change has had on the world by the actions and/or inactions of few caries home the truth of this saying. We all have a duty to protect, and indeed, enhance our environment. In cooperation with forward thinking initiatives like the Greenfield Cities Alliance, we are committed to doing our part.

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