Lagoon Shoreline, Chevron Drive,
Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
+234 (0) 1 454 6522
+234 80340 00025

Is this an existing Island?

It is a reclaimed private Island that has all the qualities of a true Island.

What will be the size of Gracefield Island when it is fully reclaimed?

100 hectares. (Remember, Monaco is just over 200 hectares!)

When will you complete reclamation?

Sept, 2017.

How many hectares have been reclaimed as at now?

32 hectares.

Where on the Lagoon is Gracefield Phoenix located?

The Lagoon water body at the end of Chevron Drive, Lekki.

What is the distance of Gracefield Island to the shoreline?


Will there be a road or a bridge to link the island to the shoreline?

Yes, there will be a combination of bridge and road to serve as a link.

When will you start work on this landbridge link?

We have reclaimed the main access road to the island.

When can we start building on the island?

Depending on the location of your site on our island and the sort of structure you want to construct, you can commence construction work within 6 months of reclamation.

What sort of title can I get to confirm my ownership rights?

Governor’s Consent.

Is Gracefield Island a 'site and service' location?

Gracefield Island offers a mix of ‘site and service’ on limited basis, built residential properties of variety of designs – single household units, duplexes, terraced houses, blocks of flats, and luxury apartments.

Will there be shops and similar facilities?

The Gracefield Island is a truly integrated new metropolis with a premium retail precinct, different from budget stores, a medical strip that offers complimentary medical services across health care needs – hospital, optician, dentist, and different medical specialist care. There is provision for proper community hall, etc.