Excel Exhibition Centre

EXCEL-Exhibition Centre of Lagos

EXCEL-Exhibition Centre of Lagos

AECOM was commissioned by Exhibition Centre Lekki Limited, a development vehicle of Gravitas Investments to provide consultancy
support in the strategic planning of the hotel and exhibition centre component within the Gracefield Island project, Lekki, Lagos,
In completing this study, AECOM worked together with our local partner, the W Hospitality Group, which has unrivalled knowledge of,
and access to, the Lagos hotel market.
The Gracefield Island is a joint venture project between Gravitas Investments Limited and Lagos State Government. The project is
private sector funded and it “involves reclamation and development of a new metropolis, offering a prime site for an exceptional livework
and play environment.” At build out, the Island will be a 100 hectare mixed-use development on reclaimed land in the Lagos
Lagoon, accessed via Chevron Drive and a new causeway.


The proposed hotel, conference and exhibition centre (ConfEx) will be
located on the south-eastern tip of Gracefield Island, on separate but
contiguous sites. It is planned that the hotel site will have three access
points. Parking for the proposed hotel will be either one or a
combination of: surface parking; parking within the building (half
basement plus the lower storeys) and a separate multi-storey car park
(a parkade).

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