Water Treatment Plant

Upcoming Project: Water Treatment Plant

Upcoming Project: Water Treatment Plant

The overall strategy for wastewater collection and treatment is to collect and convey wastewater through a conventional waterborne gravity based wastewater network. A combination of gravity sewer pipes, manholes, pump stations and rising mains will be utilized to convey the wastewater from the properties to a wastewater treatment plant site (WWTW).

The provision of appropriate sanitation to the development should aim to achieve the following


  •  Supply a healthy environment and good quality of life to the residents;
  •  Integrate the development of a community in the provision of sanitation;
  •  Protect the environment; and
  •  Place the responsibility for household sanitation provision with the family or household.

The minimum acceptable basic level of sanitation is:

  •  Appropriate health and hygiene awareness and behaviour;
  •  A system for disposing of human excreta, household wastewater and refuse which is acceptable and affordable to the users, safe, hygienic and easily accessible, and which does not have an unacceptable impact on the environment;
  •  A toilet facility for each household.

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